Tableau Countdown

by Alexandra Hanna

We made it! We arrived at the last week of training at the Data School to take part of yet another exciting challenge!

Create a viz a day with a twist: use Tableau version 8…7…6… Below are aspects that make Tableau version 9 really enjoyable to use.


Monday – v8

Creating calculated fields involves windows that look very busy with a drop-down menu for measures, dimensions and functions. Unlike v9 this version is not smart, it does not include predictive-text that complete data fields for you.










I wanted to choose my favorite color #f37263 (salmon pink) but was unable to input the Hex code in the old color editing menu.

No Hex value







Tuesday – v7

To start it is difficult to open datasources, however the familiar aggregation drop-down menu and Quick Table Calculations are encouraging.









Wednesday – v6

Selecting colors with this version is simply difficult.







Every drag and drop is slow. Every function is hidden or counterintuitive, for example reference lines are found under the format tab.









Overall the user experience in v6-8 discourages the analytic process, with v9 Tableau this problem has been overcome. It is now possible to find insight at the speed of thought. Click on the images below to see the final dashboards.
Driving in the UK

Makeover Student Abscences

Airport Satisfacation Survey


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