Tweaking Tableau Server

by Alexandra Hanna

Understanding the underlying mechanics behind Tableau Server permits self-service troubleshooting. The following is a compilation of possible fine-tuning events.

Caching: Within a rapidly changing datasource environment, it is important to frequently query new data from the database. For instance property’s values fluctuate multiple times per day, and configuring caching will avoid past prices being reported. To do this select Balanced from the Data Connections configuration menu. Data will be deleted from cache after a specified number of minutes. For best performance however, revert back to Refresh less often at the risk of reporting old data.


Security: User filters are an important method for implementing row-level security, however allowing users to download workbooks from server reverses the filter. Make sure to choose deny download for users defined as viewers.


Search:  If searches are not bringing back expected results or published content does not appear on your Server, it is time to Rebuild search index, which can be found on the Status page.

Performance: When query execution time for a particular sheet appears lengthy in  the Performance workbook. This reflects the need for adjusting one of the following aspects: database contention, inefficient SQL or poor indexing with fragmented join/filter(s).

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