Dashboard Week Day 5: Food For Thought

by Alice Haslett

Today is the last day of dashboard week and we were tasked with making the visualisation on Power BI. Not only will we be working with a new software, but we have a 1pm finish today instead of 5. The data that we worked with was from Kaggle and looked at sales data for a grocery shop, between 2016 – 2019. The specifications of the task included that the dashboard we were making was to be a KPI dashboard.

Using Power BI was an interesting change, it made some tasks very easy, but other tasks that I consider fairly basic, it made quite a challenge. I used Alteryx to do some minor adjustments and calculate profit and profit margin %.

As it was a KPI dashboard I wanted to have some BANs with key figures, the ones that stood out to me included sales in volume and revenue, profit, and a few metrics that looked at average unit level results.

I created a matrix so that the person looking at the dashboard could see the food categories split into quadrants based on how popular and profitable they are. Lastly, I created 2 bar charts to look at volume of sales and profit over time, to see the seasonality of their results. The full viz can be seen by clicking the image below.

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