Dasboard Week- Day 5

by Amalia García-Vellido Santías

Today is the last day of Dashboard Week and its been my favorite!

Our task for today was to analyze the Boys Band dataset from Github.  I did the prep in Alteryx and it was very simple: just joining the two tables Boys and Bands. When I was exploring the data I saw a link to the YouTube video and decided to create an additional dataset to use. (I did it  manually,I thought I would be quicker, but it took me a while.)   This is my final flow adding the extra table:

Additional dataset 

This dataset contains for each song, the  total # of  views in YouTube and the date the video was published on YT, so I could calculate how many months a video had been on YT:

I create a table with the months on Youtube, the total views, and created a calculated field to get the AVG views by month.

I created a set for the top 20 bands by avg monthly views on Youtube:

And a second set  containing Bands that have achieved the top 3

By right clicking on one of the sets and choosing the create combined set option I created a new set for the shared members in the previous one.

My aim was to compare the ranking in youtube and the ranking based on the position on the US version of the Billboard Hot 100

It is possible to see in the top right corner that members from the combined set.

I created some charts to use as BAN at the top of the dashboard

Using the Date they got in the Billboard Hot 100 I analysed on the one hand the number of songs by year and on the other hand by month

This is my final dashboard:


Amalia García-Vellido Santías

Thu 25 Mar 2021

Tue 23 Mar 2021