Dashboard Week. Day 4

by Amalia García-Vellido Santías

When I read the project for today  I thought that after 2 very hard days,we had been finally given an "easy" task, but the reality was different, the dataset had a lot of inconsistencies that made the analysis quite difficult.

The flow in Alteryx for the prep is quite simple, I renamed the fields, changed the data types and fixed some mismatches in the spelling:

In tableau I found a lot of inconsistencies, so every time I  came up with an idea for my analysis, and tried to do an analysis I discovered that is was impossible to do it. the reasons: not all the countries had data for the same years, not all the Activities, Categories used the same units...

I filtered my data, so all the units were Tonnes  and started with the question "when?" that leads to a time series analysis but as you can see in the picture with the data provided I couldn't do it.

Instead of that I decided to calculate the weighted avg by country and year

And I created a simple bar chart

then I decided to find the year with the highest number of records for the countries and with values for Food Loss-Food Waste and Waste in General, I made the assumption that FLFW is part of Waste in general.  Because I wanted to calculate the % of Waste in General corresponding to Food Waste-Food Loss. I excluded the numbers that made no sense.

the next chart is a Slope graph, I like use slope graph to compare data between two years, but in this case,  the yearly data for the countries was different so my approach was to use two LODs to find the First and Last year for each country in the dataset and create the slope graph using them. I excluded US and china because China had only data for one year and US value made the other countries values impossible to read.

I created a BAN to add a bit more of context:

The last chart shows the Total Tonnes wasted in the Food Industry:

Final Dashboard


Amalia García-Vellido Santías

Fri 26 Mar 2021

Tue 23 Mar 2021