Data Visualisation for Noobs (like me) - Getting Started with Alteryx

by Amanda Patist

Data Visualisation for Noobs (like me) – Getting Started with Alteryx

Alteryx – Resources to get You Started

When I first started using Alteryx, I was completely stumped, I had no idea where to start even understanding what it was that I had to do. That feeling has by no means gone away, but despite there being no definitive ‘Alteryx for Beginners’ guide, I’ve learned to manage the fear of the unknown and found a few resources that helped ease the pain.

First and foremost, there is the Alteryx community.  The Alteryx User Community is still in it’s growth phase, so the wealth of knowledge on the internet does not yet compare to that of the Tableau community, but we are working on it! Register here: and you can join in on discussions, hear about events and user groups and ask all kinds of questions that others from the community will try to answer:  This is sometimes even manned by the data schoolers, so if you’re lucky, you may get lots of replies. Can’t promise the answers will be the best, but we try!

Basics and Orientation:

Hope that helps, and if you need anything else, do get in touch with the community, they are very friendly.

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