Day 3 of #DS3

by Amanda Patist


It’s the end of day 3 of #DS3 and what a journey it has been already! It’s been three days full of learning, inspiration, hashtags, new friends, trying to make make effective visualisations (lots of room for improvement there!), doughnuts and crayons!

One of the reasons I was so excited to start working at the Information Lab was the incredible atmosphere that they create, which was evident even before I put in my application, and has proven to be every bit as true as I hoped! I’ve been overwhelmed by how welcoming and supportive everyone has been. On day one we were welcomed by Tom Brown, the founder of the company, Zen Masters Craig Bloodworth and of course, Andy Kriebel, our data school coach! The welcome continued well into the evening, when we got to meet the rest of the of our new data family, the current consultants! As if all of these hadn’t been inspiring enough, on day 2 we met James Eiloart, the Vice President of EMEA region at Tableau Software, Inc. What an inspiring man and what an inspiring mission!

I’m so excited to be part of this tableau community and I can’t wait to learn all about it!