If I could go back to the start...

by Anna Noble


Time for one last reflective blog, looking at what I would do differently if time travel was possible and I could restart the Data School.  I think I’d look to adopt the things I’ve already talked about from the beginning, asking questions and figuring out what works for you.

Pep talks form me to me

There are also a few things I’d like to tell myself:

  • Don’t worry so much, just keep going and things will start making sense.
  • You will be a different person by the end of this – doing things you you’ll think your not capable of right now and the sense of achievement makes all those uphill struggles worth it.
  • I’d use some of that time freed up from worrying to work on more personal projects or Makeover Mondays that I can share on Tableau Public and experiment a little more with what I’ve learned.

Looking to the future

That last one is on my list of new resolutions, I aiming to publish at least one viz a month to Tableau Public and writing a blog post every week.

Here’s hoping I can make them last past February by writing them down and sharing them with your guys.  So if you haven’t seen me publish anything for a while please give me a nudge on Twitter.