Tableau Server - Customising an embedded view by changing the structure of the view’s URL

by Anna Prosvetova

Did you know that you can embed interactive Tableau views and dashboards into webpages, blogs, and intranet portals? However, you may want to share different views of your dashboards with different end users. Tableau Server makes it easy to create custom views and share your work with different audiences just by updating the URL used for embedding.

The URL to a view or workbook on Tableau Server usually follows the structure below (parts in bold will change depending on your server):


If there are several sites on the same server, the link should include a reference to the site as well:


For example, let’s look at this sample URL to the Superstore Analysis dashboard:

We would like to embed it to an internal portal for the Furniture team in East Region, so we want them to see only sales for furniture in that region.

To do so, we would need to append a query string to the base URL above, following certain rules:

  • Remove “:iid=[*]” at the end of the base URL
  • Begin the query with a question mark
  • If there are several parameters you would like to add, separate them with ampersands (&)
  • If there are several values per parameter, separate them with commas. 

After these modifications, the final URL should be updated as follows (parts in bold are parameters, parts in italics are parameters’ values):

For more information about other parameters you might use to create custom embedded views, check out this Tableau article:

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