#TipWeek: Forcing parameters to do what you want even if they don't want to

by Anuka Teggart

Last week I discovered that it is not possible in Tableau to create a calculation for your parameter that is based on numerical bins (you know, the ones created when you want to break up a measure into buckets (e.g. age: 0-4, 5-9, 10-14 etc)).

When it comes to creating your calculation that connects your created parameter to your calculation, errors abound! However, there is a workaround/cheat I discovered from the Great Coach Kriebel.

  • So first off, create your parameter to how you want it.
  • Create a calculated field and simply type in what you called your parameter (should be purple in colour). That is all.
  • Go to one of the sheets you want to show when a user interacts with your parameter and put your calculated field on filters and select the option for that sheet.
  • Do the same for the all the sheets you want shown from your parameter.
  • In your dashboard, show your parameter and drag all your parameter sheets into the view and size them the same so they are on top of each other.
  • And voila, you’ve just created a manual parameter (for when you find Tableau doesn’t want to play ball the normal way!)


How to Create Bins


What to put in your calculated field


Adding your calculated field to Filters



That’s it from me.

Happy Monday!