#TipWeek: Tableau Server Tip - Run tabadmin and tabcmd from anywhere on your computer

by Anuka Teggart

Hi readers,

This week, the data school’s been learning about Tableau Server and I thought I’d put up a great tip we learnt from JMac (Guru Jonathan MacDonald) which makes using your Command Prompt for fiddling with Tableau Server all the more easier. Basically it means you can run the very useful tabadmin and tbcmd from anywhere on your computer i.e. not just from your Tableau Server ‘bin’ folder.



  • Find where your bin folder is in your Tableau Server folder (will probably be your Program Files folder under Tableau)
  • As an example, the file path for my bin folder would be “C:\Program Files (x86)\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.3\Bin”
  • Note: It’s in my Program Files (x86) because I downloaded the 32-bit version, it’ll be in your normal Program Files folder if you downloaded the 64-bit version (same goes for all programs on your computer)


  • Copy the file path to your bin folder
  • Right click your windows logo and select ‘Systems’
  • Select ‘Advanced System Systems’
  • Select the ‘Environmental Variables’ button
  • server2
  • Find ‘Path’ within your System Variables and pick ‘Edit’
  • server3
  • Select ‘New’ and paste your file path that you copied earlier
  • server4
  • Select ‘OK’ to all the dialog boxes
  • Voila, done.


Thanks for reading!