Week 6: Tableau Desktop Certified Associate - Exam Prep | DS23

by Auguste Navickyte

After having passed the Alteryx Core Certified exam last week, DS23 had one week to prepare for our Tableau Certified Associate exam. Of course, we have used Tableau extensively over the last six weeks, but tailored preparation for the exam is very handy if you wish to pass it first time.

Exam Prep Guide

The first thing to go over is the Exam Prep Guide which you can download here. It contains the curriculum you are going to be tested on, and I would highly recommend going over every topic and making sure you really understand and know how to utilise them in Tableau. If you are struggling with one topic or another, my advise is to go to the official Tableau Help website because they contain the most accurate information. Also, some of the questions in the exam are going to be exactly identical like from this page. Good news is that you do not need to memorise anything - getting yourself familiar with the material is enough as you will be able to use Google during the exam.

Moreover, the exam guide has a mock exam at the end which I found really useful to understand what kind of questions I can expect in the exam.

Mock Exams

When you are familiar with the exam curriculum, do as many mock exams as possible. You can find them on Google. This particular page full of mock quizzes is very useful!


Finally - relax. It may get stressful as even the set up for the virtual exam is quite serious in my view (you need to provide your ID, show your desk and the room you are in, etc.) However, 2 hours is enough time for the 36 questions you will get so long as you are well prepared beforehand.

Best of luck!

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