How much can you afford per night in London?

by Benedetta Tagliaferri

For my first blog at Data School I thought to share my experience with London Airbnb.

I was travelling to London and I had no idea how to find the best accommodation for my needs. I didn’t know about neighbourhoods and areas and what I could afford. So this idea came in my mind: why don’t you create a viz that shows what you could get in London within your budget?

I considered AirBnB data of 2015 and this is what I found out:


Click on the image to interact

Let’s play around and see how it works:

My budget is less the £25 a night this time so let’s see what I can get.


One of the place that I can get, It’s a private room in Hackney for £20.
But let’s say I want to go with some friends so I can spend a bit more, let’s say £75 per night.


Still Hackney, but this time an entire home for us!
Now let’s imagine that I become rich for one day and I want to spend more than £175. Now I can have an amazing place in Westminster, entire house of course.


During the class, we just thought it would be amazing to write on the map the direct link of the airbnb host.

Hope you enjoyed my viz!

Have a nice weekend!

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