How to download Json files in Alteryx Tip Thursday #TipWeek

by Benedetta Tagliaferri

Today I am going to speak about Json files and how to download them in Alteryx.

We usually download data from the web,  and Json is one of the format that we can find.

If you are looking for financial and economic data, there is a famous website called, where you can download data in the Json format.

Let’s select Tableau stock market prices and download in Json format. I copy the link as shown below and go back to my Alteryx workflow.




Let’s  drag ‘text input’ tool in the workflow and copy the link of Quandl website (URL). Then drag the ‘download’ tool from the connectors group and run the process.

Now we want to parse the Json file dragging the ‘Json parse’ tool and select in Json field ‘DownloadData’.

You get two new columns: one is Json_Name and one is Json_ValueString.

Now put an Output tool and work in a new workflow with this data.


Tomorrow I will speak about data prep of this kind of files, and how to transform them in a readable format.

See you tomorrow!

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