Speed up your presentation page views in Tableau TipWednesday #TipWeek

by Benedetta Tagliaferri

For the tip of today I will speak about presentations in Tableau.

Making your presentations interactive by replacing static slide decks with interactive visualizations allow you to provide a powerful and flexible story.

If your Tableau workbook has many different worksheets and dashboards, loading each of them can cause delays.

We can avoid this by preloading your dashboard views.

What does it mean?

You can preload the views by accessing the multiple worksheet view from the tab in the lower right of the screen.



In the multiple worksheet view, right-click in the worksheet windows (any of them) and select ‘Refresh All Thumbnails’. This command triggers Tableau to query the datasources used for all the worksheets and dashboards.


Now as you run through your presentation, each worksheet and dashboard will be preloaded and will materialize instantly.

Then is another way to trigger a query of all of the datasources with the filmstrip view of worksheets.


I hope this is useful!

See you tomorrow!