The magic world of Icons

by Benedetta Tagliaferri

This week Icons definitely won in DS2!

I love to use icons in shapes of Tableau and I can share a couple of tips to put them in the same axis.

So the first time I used icons were for Connect2Help project where I wanted to show the top 10 needs for calls for this charity:



To put them in the same axis I created a calculated field with just 0 (zero) inside and put it in rows and a dimension in column. I wanted to be in two rows so I duplicated the sheet and exclude in the first one the icons from the 6th to the 10th and on the second vice versa.

But the point is that it was an Info graphic and I didn’t need to filter on the icons in the dashboard.

For the #ProjectMonday of this week, I needed the icons to be in two different columns and I want to be able to filter them in my dashboard.


To do this you have to create two calculated fields:

IF [Index]<=7 THEN 1

IF [Index]>7 THEN [Index]-7
ELSE [Index]

Put the first one in columns and the second one in rows and then you can create the filter that you want in your dashboard.



Have fun!

Here a nice website where you can download icons (Andy’s suggestion!)


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