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Adi McCrea

Having spent the early part of her career teaching high school Geography, Adi became acutely aware of the need to develop better ways to help people understand new information. Later, through completing a master’s degree in Geographical Information Science, Adi conducted spatial analysis and spatial statistics using ArcGIS, QGIS, PostgreSQL and R. During her MSc thesis Adi found an affinity with processing large ‘dirty’ datasets to tell compelling stories.

Post-MSc, Adi worked on epidemiological studies investigating the link between exposure to environmental pollution and the occurrence of chronic illness. While driven by contributing to compelling research, Adi became frustrated by the academic environment and looked to find something that would fuel her passions. After attending a “Meet and Greet” event showcasing the team of passionate data professionals and world-class coaching, Adi believes she has found this in The Data School.

Off the clock, Adi loves open water swimming, triathlon, singing and eating.

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