Alessandro Costanzo

Alessandro Costanzo

Alessandro Costanzo

After a long career in the hospitality sector, Alessandro discovered The Information Lab thanks to a demonstration carried out at the University of West London, where he graduated in hospitality management. Alessandro was positively impressed by the hiring process of The Information Lab, which was based on the creation of a project rather than being tied with CV’s.

Since then Alessandro has pursued a career change towards data visualisation. Applying to the Data School was his first real attempt in this direction. The teaching and placements activities seem perfect to provide Alessandro with a solid foundation to successfully begin his career change path.

Using Parameter Actions to Dynamically Update the ‘Relative to’ section of a Table Calculation

In one of my previous post,s I wrote about Dynamically Update the ‘Relative to’ section of a Table Calculation, using a parameter.
Now with the release of Tableau 2019.2, and the introduction of Parameter actions, it is possible to dynamically select a member of a dimension as the ‘Relative to’ part of a Table Calculation.
In this blog post, I will explain how to achieve this result.

Reflections on my DataDive experience

Last weekend I’ve participated in an event taking place at the data school, called DataDive.
The event was organised by DataKind, a non-profit organisation which aims to help other charities using data.
To do so they recruit volunteers which participate in a Hackathon style event, where they clean, analyse and visualise data.

Dashboard Week – Day 3 Flourish

Before joining the DS I remember reading Dashboard Weeks posts in the blog, and often I came across articles about challenges using another visualisation tool than Tableau. The last articles I remember were based on PowerBI, so I was expecting that one of our Dashboard week day would be based on this software….

Dashboard Week Day 2: The Avengers

At the end of my latest blog post, Dashboard Week Day 1: NHS Trusts, I wished that our next challenge for Dashboard week would be more concentrated on design.
It seems like my wish came true, since Andy for today task, asked us to create an infographic dashboard using data on The Avengers comic books series.

Dashboard Week Day 1: NHS Trusts

For the first day of our Dashboard week, Andy challenged us to gather and analyse data on the spend over £25K at NHS Trusts.
The data was scattered over 391 different URLs, each containing multiple files (often in different formats)

Dashboard Project Week 8, Web Scraping & APIs

Last week we had another break from usual client projects. Instead, the main topic for all the week has been web scraping and APIs. These topics were taught to us by Andre.
This, of course, was a big hint on what to expect for the Friday project presentation session. In fact, last week, my fellow DSers and I have been given the task to produce a visualisation based on data obtained by either web scraping a site or API calls.

Dashboard Project Week 7, Analysing Strava Account

Last week DS 13 has got a break from client project, so our Friday activity consisted of a dashboard project, as it has been during the first month of Data School.
The project consisted of analysing the data that Andy
downloaded from its Strava Account. Over 1400 sports activities during a 7
years time-span.

Alteryx Tip: Merge 2 Shape Files

During one of our client projects, we were given a challenge, which consisted of merging 2 different shapefiles, in order to visualise them in Tableau. These files corresponded to the same area, one containing the other (e.g Counties within Regions). In this blog post, I will describe this process, using Italian Regions and Provinces (sub-areas of Regions).

Second Client Project, First Imposter Syndrome Case

Last week I wrote a blog post in which I explained the work that my fellow DSers and I have carried out for our first client project at the Data School. This week, instead I will focus on the difficulties I have encountered during our second client project and how these reflected in my actual presentation.

DS13’s First Client Project

Last Friday, I and my fellows DSers presented our first client project since the beginning of our studies. So far, every Friday, we had the opportunity to watch DS12 client project presentations, while we would produce a presentation based on some data provided by our coaches, but not linked to any specific client. Hence, this represented an important milestone for our cohort, from now on this will become our weekly routine.

Project Week 4 – Table Calculations in Alteryx

Last Friday’s project challenged us to practice the two main topics covered during week 4, Table Calculation in Tableau and Macros in Alteryx.
The task aim was to reproduce as many table calculations as possible in Alteryx, transforming them in dynamic macros.
In this post, I would like to show the calculations I’ve managed to reproduce in the time span of 4 hours.

Week 3 Project Public Trade Companies Stocks

Last week DS13 project involved the creation of a dashboard using historical shares data downloaded from Each of us was assigned a public-listed company with the aim of producing a visualisation which would convince the audience to invest in this company.