Anastasija Starkina

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Curious by nature, Anastasija likes to discover, learn, share and exchange on various topics. She has graduated with a BA degree in Business Management & French and a Master’s degree in Enterprise and Entrepreneurial studies from the University of Manchester.

For the last three years, Anastasija worked as an internal consultant for a textile recycling company, where her main goal was to implement business strategies based on extensive data analysis. She became obsessed with the process of gathering and analyzing data so eventually she decided to quit her job to pursue a career as a data analyst. Since discovering The Data School, she knew this position was a perfect career path for her.

Anastasija’s main strength lies in her ability to quickly adapt to different environments. She speaks five languages and has experience working in four different countries. Besides data analysis, she likes reading, exploring different cultures through their food and just enjoying the moment.

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