Aude Cazein

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After completing a Msc in International Business Management at the University of Kent, Aude has been working for an e-commerce company as a Digital Performance Marketing executive where she used data on a daily basis. One of the funniest moments of her experience has been building dashboards to better grasp and interpret data from Google Analytics and from the business, first on Excel, then on Google Data Studio. She quickly knew that she wanted to go further in that area.

She immediately understood the possibilities of Tableau when she trained for the application process, and realised that with a little experience and time, she produced nice and meaningful dashboards. The Data School is a place she wanted to join since May 2018, for the quality of the training, the wide range of opportunities it allows you to have, and the team that has always been supportive and helpful.
During her free time, she likes watching TV series, working out and petting her cat.

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