Ben Wells

Ben completed his Masters in Economics from Stockholm University in 2017. Unsure of a specific career path, he began his role as a Business Analyst at a digital healthcare start-up. It was here where he first encountered Tableau and data visualisation in a business environment.

While creating reports for external hospital staff members, he could sense that the static reports that were being sent to clients were scratching the surface of what was possible. Ben realised that visualising data had become the most fulfilling part of his role. Thinking forward into his own career he realised it was time specialise in the industry he was enjoying most. This is when Ben found the Data School, which seemed to be everything he was looking for!

Ranking in Tableau Prep Builder

Unfortunately, there is no simple tool to rank values in Tableau Prep Builder but the Preppin’ Data Week 16 solution makes this all possible! I have taken data of the life spans of animals and put this into an excel and opened this in Tableau Prep to try and rank...

Set Actions: ‘Exploding Bubble’

Last week we were introduced to set actions, which allow users to drill down into the data to another level of granularity. In our example we learnt how to do this for different categories in the view for a bar graph. I wanted to see if you could apply the same...