Charlie Daffern

Charlie Daffern

Charlie Daffern

Charlie spent four years in the geography department at the University of Cambridge. Most recently she spent nine months completing her MPhil in Polar Studies, during which time she conducted research into the potential of applying remote sensing technologies to studying high latitude vegetation change in Russia.

Having spent four years fighting various pieces of computer software including Matlab, Excel and QGIS during her time studying, it was with mixed feelings of regret and excitement that Charlie only discovered Tableau after she had submitted her masters. She has a particular love of spatial data, but is very much looking forward to the opportunity to learn about the full potentials of Tableau and Alteryx with The Data School.

Charlie spends many evenings and weekends trainings for her favourite sport of ultimate frisbee. In January 2017, she will be representing Great Britain at the Under-24 World Championships in Perth.

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