Conrad Wilson

Conrad Wilson

Conrad Wilson

After completed a master’s in chemistry focussing on white paint, Conrad wanted to add some colour to his working life. Having used high throughput engineering and modelling software to deliver six figure cost savings, he knew a career in data analysis was for him. It took the parts of science he loved, data manipulation and visualisation, and got rid of what he struggled with, hours of being stooped over in the lab.

He discovered Tableau whilst analysing statistics from the Great Britain u24 Ultimate Frisbee team and was blown away by its ease of use and functionality. Hungry to learn more, he applied for the data school and never looked back.

Conrad spends most of his spare time playing Ultimate Frisbee and with his team, Clapham Ultimate, has won the European Club Championships twice and has also represented Great Britain in the sport. He also enjoys baking, hiking and travelling.

Dashboard Week Day 2- Visualising Weather Data

The Brief Having missed day one of dashboard week whilst on holiday I was keen to get stuck in. Andy briefed us from Ireland on the task. We were to obtain weather data from the National Centres for Environmental Information website, which is a fantastic source for...

Table Calculations in Tableau vs Alteryx

At first table calculations in Tableau are challenging to get your head around but are extremely useful. If you haven’t been exposed to them check out Andy Kriebel’s blog on setting them up. Due to their complex nature they often get a bad rep. I hope this blog, showing how to do table calculations in Alteryx vs Tableau, will help you appreciate Tableau’s table calculations more!

Filtering Hack in Tableau

Filtering your data set lets you focus in on specific questions. However, dragging the filter to the filters card can be time consuming. Save clicks by following this quick hack.

Scraping a Web Page Part 1- Inspecting the HTML

A lot of information is stored on a Web page.  If there is a pinned map you can obtain spatial data. If there is an image you can obtain its URL link to download it. If there is a table you can find the data stored within. Web scraping allows us to obtain this data. In this series of blogs Ellen and I will be showing you how to use Alteryx to web scrape data. We will use a project we completed at the data school looking at the demographics of the areas surrounding Connells branches. The final visualisation can be found here.

This blog will focus on finding geographical data within the HTML of a website.

Alteryx: Turn 3 tools into 1

I’m four weeks into learning Alteryx and if there’s one thing I have noticed it is this; there is usually a way to use one tool instead of a chunky three (or more) tool workflow you have hacked together. This blog post looks at how you can optimise the data input tool to clean up your data source!

Tips and Trips in Tableau- Action Filters

What Are Action Filters? Action filters allow higher levels of viz interactivity. By selecting a specific category the dashboard will be filtered to highlight that category. This is shown below. Figure 1 shows the default view of a dashboard. The top products by sales...

Tips and Tricks in Tableau- Sorting in Tableau

Intro to Tips and Tricks in Tableau I don't know how to do a lot of things in Tableau, yet! I have already had several head scratching moments trying to make my Viz's more appealing. I'll sheepishly ask my colleagues for help and they will very patiently show me...

Board Games: How Does Price Affect Ranking?

Teaming Up After a day of set up, introductions and ping pong we spent day two of the data school getting to grips with Alteryx. We were split into pairs for the day, Kirsty and I came together to form team Teal. Team Teal- Look how good those backpacks look! Clean-Up...