David Sánchez Martín

David Sánchez Martín

David Sánchez Martín

As a biomedical scientist with +10 years of experience in cancer research, David has found a need to make existing data available and accessible. From clinical trials to genomic sequence, plenty of information ready to be explored exists already, but the layman may be daunted by the complex jargon, sophisticated methodology and the vast upfront investment in training needed to get useful information.

He sees Tableau and Alteryx as a way of empowering scientists to do visual analytics and to develop compelling stories to communicate the findings to different audiences – from the world expert to the general public (usually funding the research).

In his spare time David enjoys rock climbing, sailing, a good book and going out for dinner.

Tableau for everyone

Tableau can be for everyone. Just find what drives them or what use can they give it and people will want to use it. Case in point: my father during the holidays.

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