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Eliott Sacau

As a Geographic Information Science student, Eliott has long appreciated the complexities of analysis: geography is not only about understanding the temporal and spatial scales at which processes occur, but also about deciphering and mapping the flows of information. This appreciation of analytics and visualisations, as well as his frustrations with the current methods of processing Geographical data lead him to discover Tableau and the Data School.

As the quantity and velocity of data surges, there is an increasing need for effective tools and representations to make sense of this boundless flow of information, as hidden within its depths can be an industry-changing piece of information. He believes that his Data School training will provide him unparalleled coaching in some of those market-leading tools.

Outside of data analytics, Eliott enjoys football (long time Arsenal fan), attempts (rather poorly) to both cook and bake, and more importantly, plans his next travels.

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