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Elnisa Marques

Elnisa is originally from a small island called Madeira in Portugal, but moved to the UK in 2005 to continue her career in dentistry. After years in the industry she decided that she wanted to do more and started a Master’s in Public Health, while studying she discovered a love for data and data analysis. Elnisa started using Tableau and became fascinated to see how easy it was to draw insights from the data and how visual this could be. She’s even used Tableau on her Master’s assignments to help tell the story behind the numbers.

The opportunity to join data school was something that she could not miss. Elnisa is currently learning more about data visualization and is keen to apply all the knowledge acquired in DS3 into healthcare strategy and several other areas.

Outside of work, Elnisa loves travelling, Japanese culture and going to the theatre, she’s also known to have one too many handbags.

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