Eve Thomas

Eve graduated with a BSC in History from Kent University and an MSC in HR Management from Sussex University. After graduating she spent two years working as a TEFL Teacher in South America and Madrid, which is where she discovered her passion for teaching.

After returning to the UK she worked in recruitment with the aim to improve her interpersonal and business skills. It was whilst working in recruitment that she came across The Data School. After selling the role to candidates and trying her hand at Tableau, she discovered the importance of making data more accessible and understandable for others decided to apply!

Why attend a Meet & Greet at The Data School?

Almost everyone who currently works at The Data School attended a meet & greet before securing a place. So what is it about our meet & greets that will give you the edge over a fellow candidate? Maybe it's the Pizza... maybe it's the free beer... or maybe it's...

My Expectations of The Data School

Having graduated with a degree in History and an MSC in HR Management, if you had told me 5 years ago that I would be kick starting a career in data at the age of 27, I would have thought you were joking! I was first intro’d to The Data School whilst working at GRB....