Frankie Benson

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Frankie moved to London in 2019, fresh out of Sheffield University, with a Maths degree. She has always had a passion for maths and problem solving, so she knew she wanted a career in data. She started her first job as a data scientist at a media company, during her time there she learnt an extraordinary amount about this exciting field. Through various client projects, she found herself always drawn to one aspect of the analysis: data visualisation. Since discovering this interest, she’s steered her skills towards a more analysis-focused route. Now she has started her training at The Information Lab, she hopes to expand her knowledge in Tableau and Alteryx to go on to help clients get the most out of their data.

In her spare time, Frankie enjoys salsa dancing and at some stage wants to go on and learn all the Latin-American dances. She also enjoys exploring London and discovering new places to visit.

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