Gaia Fantini

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Gaia spent the last 10 years studying the social and cultural implications of ICT. During her BA in Italy and a year of research in Spain, she worked with international researchers to develop projects of digital innovation and media education for schools and the civic society. Moving to London, Gaia could follow her study interests with a Master’s degree and be inspired by a rich environment of academics and professionals who animate the city with conferences and workshops. Here, she got to understand her purpose is to channel her idea for a sustainable approach to digital technologies and information to influence socio-economic development.

Information technologies allow for a huge flow of data which is necessary for designing informed solutions, and Gaia found in data visualisation a powerful instrument to reveal the value, relationships and patterns in data, and convey a compelling case that can advance change. The inherent power of Tableau is what prompted Gaia to embark on her path at The Information Lab, where she believes she can make significant contributions and foster her belief: information is power, but only if you can understand it.

Away from work, Gaia loves to cook for her friends, night-long chats and make things with her hands.

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