Gauthier Bonnot

Gauthier Bonnot

Gauthier Bonnot

After having completed his undergraduate degree in business, Gauthier helped developing his family retail business in Paris. A desire for change led him to pursue a master’s degree in advertising in London.

Through one of his course modules, which implied the use of big data, he analysed triathletes communities on Twitter to uncover precious consumer insights. This newly found skill motivated him to go further in learning how to make sense of data. After having completed a data analysis degree online and given Tableau and Alteryx a try, he naturally ended up applying to the Data School.

In his spare time, Gauthier loves setting himself new challenges by training for triathlons. He also enjoys cooking and photography.

Reflections and Advice for Future DSers

Well that was quick, the last four months of training at the Data School went by crazy fast. We are all already off to our respective first placement. Tomorrow, I will go work for 6 months at JLL with Laura, onto my first experience in a corporate environment, really...

Dashboard Week Day 3 Over

Day 3 is over! This time we were tasked by Andy to download data from Rick and Morty API and build up a viz from there. I had to specifically work with the different locations to be found in the show. It took me a good part of the day working in Alteryx to get the...