George Ledger

George joined the Data School from a business and management background after uncovering his passion for data, analysis and storytelling.

Throughout his time at the Data School, George has engaged with a diverse portfolio of clients spanning various industries, such as wealth management firms, international sports teams, property finance companies, and a fitness/fan engagement platform.

Through his adept use of data, George has played a pivotal role in facilitating data-driven decision making for these clients. For instance, he has conducted a comprehensive analysis of successful practices within a wealth management firm, uncovering key trends and techniques that have significantly contributed to their financial achievements. George went on to disseminate this invaluable knowledge to other practices, enabling them to enhance their own performance.

In addition to his strong analytical expertise, George has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in creating wireframes for clients, offering alternative approaches to visualise and utilise data more effectively. This strategic approach empowers clients to delve deeper into their data, enabling them to extract valuable insights. George's ability to leverage visual representations of data significantly enhances the understanding and utilisation of information for optimal outcomes.

George is also certified in both Alteryx and Tableau achieving his Alteryx Core Certification and Tableau Data Analyst Certification.

Outside of work, George enjoys fitness and videogames.


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