George Pattinson

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Growing up with a physics teacher for a dad, George has always had a fascination for science and data. George carried this on throughout university studying Natural Sciences - majoring in astrophysics - before going onto work as an astronomer and science communicator in Northumberland for over two years.  George was introduced to Tableau whilst looking to change career to something reflecting his more technical background, and stumbled across The Information Lab in 2020. He quickly became obsessed with Makeover Mondays and was amazed by Tableau’s ability to find quick and useful insights into the most mundane data. George attributes his success in obtaining a position in DS24 to immersing himself in the Tableau community and learning through any free course / livestream he could find!

George is very active and loves to try his hand at new sports. In his spare time he likes to go climbing, running or anything else which involves being outdoors.

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