George Walker

George Walker

George Walker

George’s previous career as a management consultant exposed him to the impact accessible data can have on an organisation’s strategy and operations. He enjoyed the data discovery and analysis part of his role so much he decided to leave the rest of it behind to join the Data School.

George discovered Tableau through his application to the Data School and was immediately excited by the ease of use and the speed to insight it enabled. He is looking forward to combining his focus on excellent client service with his new skills with Tableau and Alteryx to provide actionable data insights to his clients.

In his downtime you can find George at playing board games at the pub, kitesurfing at the beach or skiing on the slopes.

My first time project managing a group of analysts

Last week was the  first week of client projects at the data school. I bravely/foolhardily volunteered to be the first project manager for the team. We are using a scrum style project management methodology, breaking tasks up into chunks and iterating quickly on them. Most of the team hadn’t used it before so it was a learning experience for all of us.

DS7 Tip Week – Creating a bump chart

In my last blog I cleaned up the data that we are going to use for my bump chart - now I'll take you through how to make it. First lets create our initial view This creates a nice initial graph of population over time - now we want to transform this into a bump chart...

DS7 Tip Week – Preparing data in Tableau

I'm going to take you through how to recreate this rather lovely chart of state population on the left from Vox (click to enlarge). But first we need to get the data into Tableau in a format we can use. I've downloaded the data that Vox has used and imported it into...