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Gheorghie Lang

Whilst searching for a career after studying mechanical engineering, Gheorghie stumbled upon The Data School. He soon realised that Tableau and Alteryx was a quick and easy solution to many of the problems he ran into through his years at university. His new career marries his love for clear data and engaging presentation – which isn’t always easy to find!

For his dissertation he worked with DairyCrest in achieving a world-first in creating fibrous whey protein and was the Chair of the Young Members Panel for IMechE Lincolnshire. He is excited to see what can be done with these new tools, from web scraping to geotagged data.

In his spare time, he enjoys the usual things like reading/watching Sci-Fi, Horror and Comedy, video games, the occasional comic (DC of course) and he also enjoys board games, but not monopoly – no one likes monopoly. Conrad was foolish enough to suggest bringing in a board game, so DSX might have some organised-board-game-fun in their future!

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