Hafeez Sanusi

Hafeez Sanusi

Hafeez Sanusi

After 4 years studying BSc Information Management and Business Studies at Loughborough University, Hafeez then dedicated 1.5 years to playing football Semi-Professionally. Not satisfied with solely playing football and with the growing importance of sports analytics; Hafeez decided to pursue a career within data and fortunately came across The Data School. Following 2 months consisting of numerous hours spent on Tableau, Hafeez immediately realised his passion for data analysis; prompting him to submit an application for the DS14 cohort.

By Failing to Prepare, You are Preparing to Fail

Day 10 was project day and my key takeaway from the task was if you want to deliver an effective and presentable dashboard within a limited time-frame; then it is essential you plan! The Task In the morning we were all provided a data set which we had to access via a...

Introduction to Tableau Server

Server Structure Last week we were learning about the purpose and functions of Tableau Server with Ravi who was a member of DS1. Yes, for those of you that have inundated yourself with Tableau Public and trials with Tableau Desktop...there are more products that...

My thoughts about The Data School

I’m new to the world of blogging and social media, however, there’s always a first for everything! This post will begin with my initial thoughts prior to starting my first day at The Data School and then will be capped off with my thoughts after my first week within...