Hanna Nykowska

Hanna Nykowska

Hanna Nykowska

Despite enjoying 5 years of studying Biomedical Engineering, Hanna got fed up with the theoretical point of view common in academia. After being introduced to Tableau during workshops with Luke, she decided to dig deeper into data visualisation and data science. It was refreshing to find something that was focused on data but also allowed to be creative. Within the first week, Hanna got hooked on Tableau and Alteryx and was convinced the DS was the right move.

The peaks of the Data School

It’s the very last week of training for DS13. I can’t believe it’s already been four months since we started! It was a crazy ride but fun at that, so here are my top moments of being at the Data School so far.

Dashboard Week Day 3?

Is it still dashboard week? I’m not sure but decided to write a blog post anyway. The dashboard today is on financial complaints in the US

Teaching Tableau

My experience with teaching Tableau to others: public and another cohort in person and public via webinar. The Good, the Bad and Lessons Learnt.