Harry Osborne

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Harry discovered his initial interest in data and analytics at the University of Nottingham during his Biology degree, taking statistics-focussed modules in all three years; however, he was not enthused by the lack of user-friendly software employed to this end. From this experience, he began looking at data consultancy jobs post-graduation, culminating in the discovery of The Data School and the ergonomics of Tableau.

Through an extended period of experimenting with datasets (particularly those involving a sports element) and Tableau’s functionality, as well as attending several events hosted by The Data School, Harry became convinced that this was the ideal career path to follow, both in terms of his interests and his skills.

When not working with data, Harry is a keen sportsman, playing just about anything (to varying degrees of quality). He is also a fan of film and television, having run his own review page for a few years, alongside the recent development of a podcast.

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