Hashu Shenkar

Hashu, an IT enthusiast, experimented with Tableau after feeling limited with the tedious task of creating reports using Excel and by the lack of reporting functionality in the IT Service Management tool used by his former organisation. From then, reporting was no longer a work task for him; Tableau made data analysis/data visualisation his hobby.

‘Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’ – that is exactly what Hashu did. He turned his hobby into a career by jumping head first to apply for a prestigious place at The Information Lab’s Data School.

Outside of work Hashu likes to keep fit by going gym, playing competitive 5 a side football, swimming and running.

Tableau: Filtering using the custom value list

In this post I will be explaining how you can use a list of values which you may have stored outside of Tableau and filter the field which contains that data using your list. I'm going to be using the US Superstore Sales dataset that comes with Tableau and will be...

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Tableau Tip: Formatting across worksheets

Suppose you have multiple worksheets and you need them formatted identically. Imagine the drudgery of formatting each one, one-by-one. Probably not what you want to be doing after all your hard work in creating your dashboard! Let's use the dashboard below as an...

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Tableau Tip: Switch between views dynamically on a dashboard

In this post I will be explaining how you can switch between different views on a dashboard using a parameter as taught by Coach Kriebel in our parameters class a couple of weeks ago. Trust me the end result will be MAGIC. This works by showing the view we want and...

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Mapping for Surrey County Council

Our Data School project this week was for one of our clients, Surrey County Council. They conduct a Resident's Survey every quarter and wanted us to improve on their current visualisations, which are split into two categories as there are two different audiences:...

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Week 3: London Tableau Conference On Tour 2015

An exhilarating 3 day experience and complete necessity for every Tableau fan on the planet! On the first day we took our Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate exams and in the evening we joined the other Tableau enthusiasts for the welcome reception. My mentor Andy P...

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Week 2: Alteryx + Tableau = Magic!

There was no slowing down this week. Our project was predominantly Alteryx based – a software we had never used before so this was a real uphill battle! The theme was Education and the task was to find Education data on the Internet, use Alteryx to prepare and collate...

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Week 1: TIL Data School – You’re Hired

After a tough and gruelling application process to get the job I had imagined the first week to be pretty relaxed. That’s how it usually works right? Quite the opposite! Tuesday We had our first day off so The Data School officially launched on Tuesday – you can see...

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