Jamie Bassett

Jamie Bassett

Jamie Bassett

Originally Jamie went to the University of Bath to study Sport Science with the goal of working in elite sport after. Yet when Jamie joined a Sport Nutrition consultancy company in Windsor analysing Sport Nutrition brands, Jamie realised this could be another potential career path. The Information Lab helped the company get started with using Tableau to analyse the data that Jamie had collected, which amazed him at what Tableau could do. The Data School later were involved with a client project, and with this Jamie knew what his career choice was going to be.

In his spare time, Jamie loves cycling around the Surrey hills, and cannot wait to challenge Luke and Tom in Table Tennis.

Dashboard Week Day 4: The non-Tableau day

From seeing blogs from previous cohorts, I knew we should expect a non-Tableau day for Dashboard Week. I guess a positive of today was that the data was clean, thank you coaches! Which led us to focus quite quickly on the BI tool to use. Judging from Andy’s blog we...

Dashboard Day 3: Rural demand of electricity in India

Day 3: Rural Electricity Demand in India An awful day for me. I spent a long time desperate trying to match the headers from the PDF with the raw data, which was not a success. It was hard as the PDF parse on Alteryx would not take into account the difference between...

Dashboard Week Day 2: House of Commons rules

We were told to web scrape via Alteryx data about Parliament House Rules. There was a CSV available, but naturally Andy did not let us use this. The first step was the Download tool to download the HTML into Alteryx.Obviously, the HTML code would not be ready to...