Joe Macari

As a Maths & Stats graduate Joe has always had a passion for working with data. This was further amplified when introduced to Tableau while working at the Higher Education Statistics Agency. Having supplied HE data to researchers, businesses and policymakers alike Joe wanted to dive into the data himself and started to produce blogs and products informing the world of the UK HE sector.

Wanting to hone his skills in Tableau Joe made the leap into the Data School with the hope of becoming a consultant in a few years.

Outside of data Joe can be found on some kind of sports field or court keeping active. Having played 4 years of American football at university and coaching for 5 afterwards, you may also see him at some of the NFL International Series games in London.

Delightful Data Filters

Do you have data that you know you are not going to use in your extract? Or have you decided that you no longer need data and therefore want to create a smaller packaged workbook? Sounds like you need a Data Filter.

So what?

You have built a dashboard, its brilliant. Probably the best you have ever done… so what? My number one tip for storytelling in dashboards is explained in this post.

Asterisk Assassination

Ever wanted to show multiple items in a tooltip? Tired of falling victim of the humble asterisk? Read through this post to show how to avoid this in Tableau 10.5 with Viz in Tooltips!

Week One and Done!

Want to know what goes on in the first week of data school? Or perhaps you are my Mum who still doesn’t have any clue what I do? Either way, the cat is out the bag…

Day one and done!

Thinking of applying the the Data School? My blog takes you through my experience of the application process and hopefully will lend some tips too.