Jonatan Raphael-Amanrich

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Following an eclectic academic career that saw him shifting from hard sciences to political sciences, namely from a Masters of chemistry in Bordeaux to a Masters of international relations in London, Jonatan used the free time forced upon him by the pandemic lockdown to look for a career change which eventually led to the exploration of the data science domain. The field seemed to fit him like a glove due to his curious mindset, meticulous nature, love for numeracy and multi-disciplinary knowledge. Consequently he started to self-study the basics of data science on an online platform, essentially Python and SQL.

In the course of his journey into the world of data, he stumbled across the Data School and its training program which pushed him to learn about and shift his focus towards Tableau. Jonatan developed a keen interest for this highly intuitive and powerful analytics and visualisation tool. It wasn’t long before he undertook his first data analysis and built dashboards to make the data talk. He was thrilled by the outcome he was able to reach in such a short amount of time and was eventually successful in joining the Data School. Jonatan is now looking forward to building his knowledge of Tableau, Alteryx and more with the bests in the field.

Besides data science, Jonatan’s interests entail sports (swimming, football, basketball…), music, history, travel, gardening and he also like partying very much!

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