Jonathan Sherman

Jonathan Sherman

Jonathan Sherman

Jonathan has a naturally enquiring disposition which leads a desire to translate complex information into engaging formats adaptable to suit every level of knowledge.

After graduating from Plymouth University with a degree in Financial Economics Jonathan joined a high growth private equity backed foreign exchange broker as an analyst. It was here his flair developed into the creation of compelling analytical insights which enabled management to focus attention on key drivers of business performance and strategy.
He is a strong advocate of sharing knowledge with colleagues, to further enhance the ongoing development and skillset of all to interrogate, manipulate and visualise data.

After being tasked with investigating potential business intelligence solutions, Jonathan sought out powerful solutions to deliver succinct information leading him to discover the benefits Tableau and Alteryx can bring. His thirst for an ever growing and diverse skillset led him to join the Data School to learn its full capabilities and potential.

In his spare time if not outside running or cycling Jonathan will most likely be found practising on the pool table to achieve that “perfect game” and plays in several leagues locally.

Dashboard Week: #3 A Summary of Seattle Bike Counters

Day 4 of dashboard week has now arrived and we were greeted with a set of cycling traffic data for a number of routes in Seattle, the analysis of such data is extremely important due to the significant levels of investment to create new cycle lanes throughout Seattle...

Dashboard Week: #2 Level of NOPD Bodycamera Recordings

The second day of dashboard week began with each of us presenting our visualization from the previous day (here) and explaining the process of how we arrived at the final dashboard. Our present this morning from Andy involved a data source by NOPD (New Orleans Police...

Dashboard Week: #1 A Winter Storm In New York

So 71 days or 102,240 minutes after joining the data school as DS11 our time has arrived for first day of "Dashboard Week". What is "Dashboard Week" i hear you ask? Well for each of 5 consecutive days the morning brings us a new data source, normally in a highly...

Growing A Tree…Map

Tree maps are a very useful way to instantly see and display the main parts of a measure to clients: In order to create our tree map we will need to start by deciding what we would like the chart to display and how to break it down. In this example I will keep it nice...

Alteryx: Importing Multiple Files At Once

When we have several files to import such as monthly sales data into Alteryx, it can be (is definitely) a pain to import each file one by one. Subsequently using a union function to combine all data into the one table we need, giving us a headache inducing and muddled...