Juhie Radia

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Juhie graduated from Warwick university after studying chemistry in 2020. Since then she worked in ABB, an engineering firm where she was involved in projects surrounding gas and water analysis. Through the pro-bono consultancy work she does, in her spare time, Juhie came across this opportunity through GRB. Enjoying the client facing aspect in particular, this programme offered her the chance to expand her social and professional network and grow her foundation in data analysis and consulting.

Juhie used to be a keen Bollywood dancer performing in many shows and competitions and participated in many sports such as netball and ice skating as a child. She is now an avid musician playing the cello, piano and guitar. Juhie also enjoys drawing and travelling alongside her charity work. She looks forward to learning alteryx and tableau and using her new skills to help clients with their data.

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