Kofi Bonsu

Kofi joined The Data School from a Biomedical Sciences background, working in the NHS. Mainly unpacking, processing and entering data without exploring any of it.

Becoming aware of the increasing importance of data and data analysis in Healthcare while becoming disillusioned with the repetitive and uninspired nature of the position, Kofi stumbled upon Tableau which piqued his interest in creativity and storytelling. Attending a Meet & Greet at The Data School solidified the decision to progress with data analytics and join.

Outside of data, Kofi enjoys going to the gym, playing mini golf and football.

Using Alteryx to Append Fields with a Lookup Table

While attempting the recent NHL Makeover Monday, I decided to supplement the attendance data with stadium capacity data. I found some data that would work and after some quick cleaning of the data set, added it to the NHL data on Tableau. I ended up with a lot of null...

Line of Best Fit

When you go to the analytics tab and drag the trend line onto your scatterplot Tableau creates a line going through your plots. But what is it doing and what do the figures mean? When plotting a linear trend line Tableau uses the equation y=ax+b In this equation a is...

Why Colours Matter

Using colour in your viz adds another dimension that can ascend your dashboard from average to amazing or burn your audience’s retinas. Colour allows you to direct your audience’s attention or gloss over background information. It can be used to invoke emotion, set a...