Kolsuma Aktar

Kolsuma Aktar

Kolsuma Aktar

Kolsuma graduated in BSc Economics and Management from King’s College London and has had previous internship experiences in marketing and analytics. During her degree, she enjoyed using econometrics software to gather interesting insights that help to test economic theories. Upon graduating, she was looking for an analytical role that allowed her to gain an expertise.

After coming across The Data School, Kolsuma realized it was the perfect combination of training and client placements that would be a great start to her career. While she enjoys creating visualisations, she’s also getting back into her childhood hobby of drawing through digital art.

Leave a trail of breadcrumbs for your filters

During one of our client projects, Coach Carl gave feedback that we should leave ‘breadcrumbs’ on our dashboards so that users know which filters they have already applied. Here’s my simple method for breadcrumbing.

My Work Shadowing Experience

I was given the opportunity to shadow a dataschooler (Steph) who’s on her third client placement so this blog post will be going through my experience and what I did to try and get the most out of it.

Alteryx Easter Eggs

Easter has just gone past so I’m a little late with the best easter eggs of all… Alteryx Easter eggs! Here are a few hidden treats on Alteryx that I’ve found out about while at the dataschool.