Laine Caruzca

Laine Caruzca

Laine Caruzca

After spending 3 months in rural Bangladesh, she discovered Tableau and became fascinated by its ability to quickly answer questions to global problems using data. Laine recently graduated in International Relations, fuelled by her curiosity to understand war, peace and international development.

Whilst at university, Laine wrote and produced an original musical, developing her love for storytelling and bringing together people with the same passion. She likes working in teams, for example, she participated in a dance competition against other universities, coming first place. Laine loves music and in her spare time she likes to sing in the shower.

Dashboard Week Day 4: Major League Baseball

For today’s challenge, we needed to get 147 years worth of data about the Major League Baseball, MLB. The biggest challenge in the data preparation was to obtain the headers for each table, which represented each year/season and to join this onto the data. This was...

Dashboard Week Day 1: DNA charts

This blog post talks about the first day of dashboard week. We had to create an alteryx workflow that scraped the data from a website. We then also had to create a dashboard from it and write a blog post.

Calculating a variable based on business hours in Alteryx

Have you ever been asked to calculate something based on business or working hours? My guess is that you have. These things are pretty common, especially when working with clients that want to assess their productivity, sales, costs or pretty much anything else that involves working hours. So, in this blog, I will show you the workflow that me and @Soha Elghany made for a client project at the Data School.

Alteryx: Dealing with multiple API’s

This week, our project involved linking to an API, cleaning the data in Alteryx and using Alteryx to launch this dataset into a dashboard we created in Tableau all within an Alteryx App. This blog post will talk about how to use two API’s by linking them together. To...

Friday Project: Reflective Blog

Today was yet another ‘Friday Project’. After a brilliant session by Anna Noble on blogging, we were given a new dataset to work with for the day. Today, we were given the TFL data on bike journeys and bike stations. We then had 3 hours to analyse the data and present...

Tableau Top Tips: Dual axis, infinity and beyond

Most of you have probably seen a chart or a data visualisation with overlapping data, piled one on top of each other. These are made using a dual axis on Tableau. The idea behind a dual axis is to put two different graphs on the same view to allow you to compare two...

Tableau Top Tips: One click away

Have you ever wanted to analyse your data with a higher level of granularity (i.e. through a specific month or day, or either through an average or median)? Well, good news! With this tableau tip, you can skip all these steps and get to where you want to be, with just one click!

Supplementing a viz with a 2nd data set

In this week’s Friday project, we were challenged to use our newly acquired knowledge of Alteryx to supplement our application viz with a new data set. My original data set looked at the Global Peace Index (GPI) and I wanted to supplement this with information on...