Louise Le

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After graduating with a Medical Engineering degree and a year working as a university researcher under her belt, Louise decided a career in engineering was not for her. Reflecting on what she enjoyed most about her past experiences, she realised she loved solving problems and finding interesting information from numbers. A career in data of some sort seemed like the right way to go.

Discovering the Data School and trying out Tableau opened her eyes to the possibilities in analytics (and she realised she suffered through Excel graphs, all the while Tableau existed). Everything was intuitive and the dashboards looked incredible. But this was just the tip of the iceberg; there was still Alteryx and so much more in Tableau to discover. Louise wanted to learn it all! She knew a place in DS11 was what she wanted and here she is.

In her spare time, Louise likes to read, binge watch TV and anime, and go to the gym (she’s still working on that last one).

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