Megan Hunt

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Meg’s interest in data analysis began when tasked with creating visualisations using a dataset of worldwide Open Access (OA) policy information which she helped to create and maintain (ROARMAP).  After graduating with a BA in Gender and Cultural Studies from Warwick University she embarked on a career in libraries and worked in several universities over the course of the following ten years.  She stumbled across Tableau by accident when researching software to create visualisations and infographics during her time as a consultant for the European Commission funded PASTEUR4OA project.  She was immediately blown away by its capabilities and ease of use.

In her spare time Meg enjoys attempting to recreate the culinary masterpieces of Yotam Ottolenghi, baking and decorating ridiculously elaborate cakes, sewing most of her own clothes and painting portraits.  She is partial to loud rock music.

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