Michael Bracchi

Michael Bracchi

Michael Bracchi

Michael developed a passion for science at a young age eventually leading him to complete a PhD in chemistry at Newcastle University. On returning from travelling and seeking a transition into the world of data analytics, Michael discovered the Data School and was immediately drawn to it as a great opportunity to continue improving in what he loved most about scientific research: Understanding and communicating insights in data. Michael become instantly hooked on the power of Tableau and is excited to sharpen his skills in the Data School.

Add a Customizable Point at the End of Your Line!

Here is a quick tutorial on adding a customizable point to the end/start of your line chart. We are aiming to produce the below chart. How to Build 1. Start by building this chart using Superstore data. The chart shows profit over time (continuous months) for the...

Context Filters & Tableau’s Order of Operations

When covering the fundamentals of Tableau Desktop, one concept that jumped right out at me was context filters. I have spent only a little time with Tableau but would have already benefited a lot from understanding this earlier. So.... ask the community for help!!! I...

Quick Tip When Using the SPLIT() Function in Tableau

Today has been a tough one for me at the data school. Our first day using Tableau Prep Builder and we learnt heaps with Carl. Here is a cool tip I picked up today when using the SPLIT() function, for when right-click->split doesn't do you were hoping for and you...