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Seffana is a recent graduate from the University of Warwick with a BSc in Systems Engineering. As much as she enjoyed studying engineering, she decided that she did not want to pursue a career in it.

While certain that engineering was no longer her calling, Seffana had no idea what to do! Which also meant that she was open to anything, particularly consulting. Why consulting? Simply because that was what a typical STEM graduate tends to steer towards if they no longer want to pursue their STEM degree-related careers, if not that then join a bank.

While looking for consulting roles, Seffana stumbled across The Information Lab and was considerably intrigued by their emphasis on wanting anyone that was simply passionate about data and visual analytics and did not need any prior experience required. This was exactly what Seffana needed! While she had no relevant experience beforehand, Seffana had an eagerness to continue learning and venture into something new. Never really knowing much about data analytics previously and under the assumption that it was exclusively for people with coding experience, Seffana downloaded Tableau with no expectations. After downloading Tableau and playing around with a dataset on The Academy Awards, she soon fell in love with it.

Seffana is a massive film’s buff (hence, choosing The Academy Awards dataset) and in her spare time she loves hanging out with her friends.

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